Alta moda Silvestre, since its inception in 1985, has followed the concept of a luxury brand, creating and supplying the best boutiques in the provinces of Milan, Brescia and Bergamo.

Pietro Silvestre, the founder, immediately established himself in the fur sector, is recognized for the innovative design models that have always been able to look to the future.
In recent years Silvestre has become very close to those consumers who do not have the possibility of having exclusive products such as those of high fashion.
Always opposed to the production of fast fashion, he creates his prêt-à-porter collections referring to the haute couture that has always distinguished him.

What is prêt-à-porter (or ready to wear)?

The prêt-à-porter refers to those items of clothing that are not made to measure or tailored. These are products that are designed directly by stylists and then packaged, marketed and sold in standard sizes ready to be worn.

What is haute couture?

Haute couture is the exact opposite of ready to wear. His articles are all handmade and there is great attention to the use of materials and production techniques (find out more in our article on sustainability ).

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