Sustainable packaging

All Silvestre 1985 items are packaged and shipped in cardboard packaging and #plastic-free, 100% recyclable materials.

The shop in a box!

As an e-commerce we want to combine the best possible shopping experience for our customers, together with the sustainability that distinguishes us.

For this reason, for the packages with which we ship #altamodasilvestre products, we have chosen to eliminate plastic and use only paper and cardboard, minimizing waste.

But the gift package?

We like to be a very sensitive brand!
We create gift wrapping with bows and ribbons for all orders that arrive; we want our customers to have an #unboxing experience they won't forget.

There's more?

Absolutely yes! Because our boxes are reusable. Don't throw them away!!!
In these you can store one of our products again even after the purchase, for example for the change of season, or to store other items or accessories in your wardrobe.

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