Fur free policy


Bergamo, 14 January 2022
Today, we at Silvestre 1985 announce that, starting with the Fall/Winter 2022 collections, we will no longer use animal fur in the creation of new products.
However, we specify that we will continue to sell genuine leather deriving from the production of meat and real animal fur while stocks last in our warehouses. Even the real fur products already made will continue to be sold until sold out.

Pietro Silvestre says

''The demand for more responsible products outstrips the supply of products that many describe as cruel to living beings. We at Silvestre 1985 are moving to research and develop a new concept of sustainability, creating fur-free items that respect all animals and the environment''

''We are therefore also joining an ever-growing list of brands that adopt this policy. We are in favor of that idea that wants to transform our sector, with a more ethical and sustainable approach, listening above all to the demand of the consumer who is increasingly attentive to the search for products that respect animals and the environment''

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