since 1985


SILVESTRE 1985 is a historic reality in the high fashion sector in the province of Bergamo. Since 1985, it has been making unique Made In Italy craftsmanship items with refined materials.
Our expert hands create garments and accessories with natural, recycled and sustainable materials.

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UP TO 50%


UP TO 50%


sustainable fashion 22/23

How and why to recycle old furs

There are mainly two reasons for choosing to recycle an old fur and therefore create a new Vintage Fur.
Discover them in our blog by clicking on the link below.

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Our packaging

We want our customers to feel comfortable at all stages of their purchase.

The unboxing experience is the most important of all for us.





2022 brings with it many innovations, not only for us at Alta Moda Silvestre, but also in terms of legislation. First of all, the one that matters ...

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Help us restore the forests

See the picture behind it? It's Colombia.
And for every order you place in our store, you'll help plant new trees along that exact coast.
You don't have to do anything, because a percentage of our profit on your order will help the planet offset its carbon emissions and restore vegetation in those territories.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!!
Sylvestre 1985