2022 brings with it many innovations, not only for us at Silvestre 1985, but also in terms of legislation.
First of all, the one that matters most to us is the environmental issue.
To be precise, there are two important dates: January 14 and January 18.

Why January 14th?

The 14th was the decisive day in which a new decree absolutely prohibits the sale and production of disposable plastic, thus applying to single-use plastic products, oxo-degradable plastic products and fishing gear containing plastic. This is a very important milestone for advocates like us who want a cleaner, less polluted environment.
The same day was an important turning point for our company in the production field: we converted in favor of the fur-free policy (without the use of animal skins). If you want to read something more about it, visit our blog '' fur-free policy ''

Alta Moda Silvestre and the conversion to the fur-free policy

Why January 18?

The 18th is another important day for us at Silvestre 1985.
We joined Pachama's ''Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera'' program to restore the forests on the Pacific coasts of Colombia.

In collaboration with the NGO Fondo Acción, Acapa and Bajo Mira y Frontera are the owners of the project and of the descent rights of the indigenous Afro-Colombians of these territories.
The project aims to protect the rainforest of those lands.

Historically there has been a succession of illegal activities that have extracted timber from these territories for years, providing large sources of income to the detriment of the environment. These places were first abandoned and then converted into agricultural lots and intensive pastures.
The project in which we took part therefore aims to relieve these pressures and to help their redevelopment and reforestation.
You can download in pdf format and in English, the detailed description of the project download here

Alta moda Silvestre and the reforestation program of Colombia

In the photo, the protected region of the Acapa-Bajo Mira Y Frontera project where it meets the ocean coast (Photo credit: Hanz Rippe).

Benefits of the project

Providing alternative livelihoods to community members is the core activity of the project, which aims to combat the root cause of deforestation and forest degradation – money.
This project will provide infrastructure, technical training and access to financial capital to support the sustainable extraction of non-wood forest products such as açai.

Alta Moda Silvestre and the coffee and cocoa procurement project in the lands of Colombia

Agricultural products on already converted land such as cocoa will be further developed and marketed. The development of this project provides income to farming families and communities.

Since the beginning of the project, local communities have actively participated. It is assumed that these will move towards such alternative livelihoods that have a significantly higher return than their current livelihoods which rely on timber extraction.

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