ALTA MODA SILVESTRE is a historic reality in the high fashion sector in the province of Bergamo. Since 1985, it has been making unique Made In Italy craftsmanship items with refined materials.
Our expert hands create garments and accessories with natural, recycled and sustainable materials.


Pietro Silvestre was born in 1963 in the famous Città dei Sassi, Matera. Little more than a teenager, he moved with his family to Bergamo, precisely in the district now known as the Upper Town. After completing his studies, he immediately embarked on his career in the world of high fashion, quickly making himself known for his skills, his technique and his creativity, working for the most important laboratories and shops in the city. In 1985 he founded SILVESTRE PELLICCERIA and throughout the 90s he dressed the best boutiques in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia and Milan. The 2000s arrive, times change and the need to expand makes Silvestre want to discover new opportunities.

Thus was born ALTA MODA SILVESTRE, a new brand that fully reflects the Italian quality of the company. Silvestre established himself on the territory and after 2010 he went beyond national borders conquering part of the European continent up to the United States.

In recent years Alta Moda Silvestre has mainly dedicated itself to the production and sale of leather and fur accessories.

Since 2022 it has announced its fur-free policy, without animal fur. Discover our FUR-FREE POLICY .


Nothing "artificial", the term "sustainable" is everything for us. Silvestre makes its products with 100% natural, recycled and above all ecological elements. We also care about respecting the environment and all living beings, therefore the company purchases its fabrics only from certified producers and in line with European regulations on sustainability and ecology.


All our products are made entirely by artisans who reside in Italy. We care about the inimitable craftsmanship and precision of Made in Italy.


Every single Silvestre Alta Moda item is unique, because it is made entirely by hand. Precisely for this Silvestre stands out for its quality. Each product has unique characteristics, from the stitching to the nuances of its fine fabrics.