Recycled Vintage Furs

How and why to recycle old furs

There are two main reasons for choosing to recycle an old fur and then make a new Vintage Fur:

1. No use of farm animals: recycled vintage furs do not use new farm animals;

2. They have a much lower manufacturing cost than new fur garments: a new fur can cost tens of thousands of euros, while vintage recycled fur can cost just a few hundred euros.

So, what are the behaviors to adopt if we want a vintage recycled fur?

First of all it is advisable to be in possession of an old fur garment, whether it is from a close relative or purchased from friends and acquaintances. It is also advisable to have an old garment checked by experts in the sector if an old garment is recyclable: not all furs can be reused because unfortunately they have not been carefully stored, have been treated with synthetic chemicals or already at the base made with unsustainable imported leathers.

Once the fur passes the recycling tests, it is good to understand what can be done with it. The first tip is to RETURN your boss. In this way you will have the opportunity to get back a new and modern fur (or with the correct term, Vintage), but above all recycled and ecological. You also often get new scarves, sleeves, cuffs and bracelets, hats, keychains and purses.

Others, for ethical reasons, prefer not to reuse their fur to wear it, but transform it into blankets, rugs or pillows; therefore an old fur garment can even be transformed into a modern household item which is also recycled, warm, natural and ecological.


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